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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 205

men to Defend & provide for themselves the necessaries of Life." Prohibition renewed "strictly & Expressly." No cattle to be taken out of the province except at Annapolis or Canso. Even driving cattle to any other point but A. & C., as named, in order to ship them out of the province is an offence. Penalty, one year's imprisonment, and fine of £50 N. England currency, which may be levied by distress upon the goods of the guilty person. Half to go to the informer, "who shall Sue for the Same."

Annapolis, Ap. 2, 1735
L. Armstrong.

Order as to Half-bushels and Liquid Measures. [133

Refers to Minute of Council of July 27, 1732, and Feb. 5, 1732/3 requiring all half-bushels to be of legal size. Orders have been disregarded at Minas and complaints have been made to the Gov’r of frauds committed. Deputies of each district are ordered to search carefully for all half-bushels of French measure and bring them in that they may be compared with the standard, before the 20th inst., that they may be compared and adjusted with those standards formerly given to the Deputies. Liquid measures are to be brought in likewise. Penalty, all grain measured by fraudulent measures to be confiscated.

Minas, Ap. 17, 1735
L. Armstrong.

Translation into French of foregoing [134]

Order for Repairing the Dykes of Piziquid.1 [134

Preamble refers to people so indolent as to neglect barriers and fences, by which the fruits of the earth are destroyed, to the detriment of their neighbours and the public weal. All ordered expressly to keep their dykes, barriers and fences in repair. A fine of fifty livres imposed: and the negligent person required to pay "double the charges of all Dammage

1. Paper much decayed and writing faded.


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