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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  20  Nova Scotia Archives.
Aug. 2.

Caulfeild to Sherriffe. [36

Acknowledges receipt of letters dated Feb. 20, March 12 and 25. but S.'s first with account of his being wrecked has miscarried. Glad to hear of S.'s care in his affairs; C. has transmited to "Gen:ll Carpenter and my Brothers the Publick Acco:t" with copies of all the receipts attested by the Judge-Advocate, being unwilling to trust such important originals out of his hands, Has written to "my Unckle" in regard to the character Nicholson gave of S. C. finds it like the rest of N.'s prejudice to C.'s interest: S. will not suffer on that head. "I have likewise Sent several Coppys of Memorials the Contingent Accot with ye first Memorial Signed by all the Officers of ye Garrison wch was ye instigation that made me undertake that Affair for ye Preservation of ye Garrison so that if I cannot Obtaine ye whole Informe my Brother to Endeavour to make a General Charge upon ye Whole Corps, as to getting ye. Officers respective bills on ye. Agents for what they received of me as they are not all here you must keep that Obligation Signed by them all and if their pay be Remitted here send it back to Me and shall take Care to pay myselfe." S. to be very circumspect in regard to Capt. Gardener's abstract and the accounts of the detachment, If there are any "dividends made on that head" C. is the largest creditor, and ought to receive in proportion to his pay. “’tis very hard after four Years to be putt off with ye Deduction of Eleven out of twenty "
Aug. 2.

Caulfeild to Gordon, Agent2

Since his last of June 9, the service has obliged him to obtain supplies from Clarke, 20 bbls. more pork and 2 hhds. molasses. Has drawn bills on G. of this date for same at 50%. Às there is no person appointed here for this "Effect" (i. e. victualling) and as Clarke runs all risks, it is only reasonable that he should have some allowance.

1. Instead of the usual formal ending, this letter has “believe that I am when in my power your assured ffreind to serve you."
2. Handwriting changes here to No. 1.


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