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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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1713 (?)

cellency's letters of Oct. 25th, in another letter. Capt. Douglas has explained to "Yr, Excellency" his reasons for not going to Boston as ordered. Recommended as "haveing allways beheaved himselfe as becometh a Gentellman to doe." Proceedings of Mr. Vane's court-martial enclosed. French sloop with cargo of rum and molasses from West Indies, entered and cleared by Col. Vetch, but driven back by stress of weather, found to be in ballast. Account of this forwarded by Newton. C. has ordered the inhabitants to make road on both sides of the river (Annapolis). They show much willingness.
By Bull. (signed.)
Tho : Caulfild.
Ap. 6,

Nicholson to Caulfeild. [2

Bill of lading enclosed for molasses, pork and beef for garrison at Annapolis; Slocum to sail this week or next. John Borland was to furnish provisions to garrison till end of April. N. supposes he sends some by his sloop, Capt. John Alden, master. N. treating with Borland for 3000 pieces of pork, to be sent with the other provisions Sir Chas. Hobby intends for Annapolis in his sloop (Slocum, master). Care to be taken of the supplies. Capoon to keep an exact account, as Her Majesty "hath been Notoriously cheated in this Artickle of Provtions." Mr. Hutchisson not to furnish provisions at the old rate. Hopes they will not cost above 7½d1. N. England currency, whereas they have been charged at 7½d. stg. Officer to be appointed to oversee distribution of food to the gunner and matrosses. Hutchisson not to furnish them with clothing until further orders from the Board of Ordnance. N. has written to the B. of O. and Fran. Lynn "our agent" on the affairs of the garrison; and will do his best for the garrison without any reference to his own interest. The wheat and pease must be secured for the garrison, so that none be permitted to go out of the country. Hibbert Newton is earnestly recommended to C. Governor Dudley's proclamation in regard to trade with the Indians enclosed. Col. Vetch ran away from hence on Monday night. N. has sufficient proof on oath, V.'s

1. Per man.


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