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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Order for Attachment.

At the request of Claude Landry of the Cape of Annapolis, the Gov’r orders John Hanshole and Prudent Robichau to attach goods in possession of Réné Doucett, the property of "widow Boudrot who has retired from St. Peters to Minas, until she returns to answer the charge of intention to defraud some poor orphans, or until further orders. They are to make inventory and appraisement of the goods; and give copies of inventory to Doucett and the Secretary. Deputies to be present at making of inventory.

Annapolis, Jan. 18, 1733.
By his Honour's Command
Wm. Shirreff, Sec’y

Order to Mitchell to Survey Minas, &c. [113

Mitchell has completed survey of "this River of Annapolis Royal." Ordered to survey as before, "Minas, Pissaquid, Cobequid, Cape-Doré, Shickaneckto, and Chippody" distinguishing between cultivated and uncultivated; and also "the Uninhabited Lands lying on both sides of the Basin of Minas up to Cobequid and Pissaquid; and from the Entry into the Basin of Mines, You are to take a survey of the Coast and Adjacent Lands to Shickaneckto, And of the Neck of Land from thence to the Bay of Vert; from thence you are to proceed to Chippody, the River St. Johns and so forward Round the Bay of ffundy to Passamaquody, Grand Menan and Untill You Come to Cape Sables." To return with plan and report as soon as possible.

Annapolis, Ap. 7, 1734.
L. Armstrong.

Order to "Renny fforest, James Girroir, and Richards." [114

Refers to order of Jan. 8, 1733, requiring them to pay only one half their usual rents to Mde. Belisle, until it could be


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