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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 195

Rushew forshew1 "(whose fflocks and herds Intermix and feed in common)". Francis Robicheaux (alias Nigan) and Claude Melanson have taken the office of herdsmen and overseers to "inspect into the Said Herds and ffiocks" for the public welfare. All persons are notified not to put cattle into these herds without acquainting them with the marks; nor to take any beast out of the flocks on any pretense whatever, without first applying to one or both of the overseers, to get the flocks together at such a place as they, the overseers, shall designate, on penalty of paying double the value of the beasts so taken, half to go to the informer and half to the poor; also, for all such beasts as may be lost, besides loss of commonage. Further, as has been proposed by the French Deputies and approved by the Council, each owner of cattle is to pay to the overseers 6d. per bullock or cow, and 4d. for each sheep, Further, it shall be lawful for them to inquire of persons who kill cattle whom they bought them from and to demand a sight of the skins to inspect the marks. On the discovery of any fraud, the overseers are to report without respect of persons, who will be punished as the law directs.

Annapolis, July 19, 1733.
L. Armstrong.

Armstrong to George Mitchell. [102

Preamble refers to Dunbar's instrument of deputation and his instructions dated at Boston, April 22, 1730. M. ordered to survey the land on both sides of the Annapolis river, "from the Gutt upwards Duely Distinguishing the Uninhabited lands from those belonging to the property of any particular person, whose Estates you are also to Survey, and to mark out the uncultivated lands of Each Estate from those that are Improven or inclosed." As many men as possible to be detached for M.'s guard. M. to make a plan and report all discoveries in regard to woods and soil, that the Govr. may transmit the information to the Lords of Trade.

Annapolis, July 20, 1733.
L. Armstrong.

1. Ruisseau forchu (?)


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