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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Board of Trade to Armstrong. [97

Acknowledges receipt of letters of Oct. 5 & Nov. 16, 1731, with enclosures. Dispute regarding Philipps appointing Major Cosby President of the Council has subsided, by the withdrawal of C. The senior member of Council is by virtue of his seniority to be President of the Council in the absence of the Gov’r and Lieut. Gov’r Authorized to grant land, although the Surveyor General may not have laid out the 300,000 acres of woodland necessary for the King's service: latter to layout quantity of woodland for his service equal to each grant made. French seigneurs not entitled to claim under the Treaty of Utrecht: "it may be Reasonable that the immediate possessors of lands should Enjoy what they have actually Cultivated," but claims of large extent should be looked into and transmitted to Board. In regard to A.'s proposal in letter of Oct 5, to appoint justices of the peace among the French, the Board wishes that an English gentleman lived near, as no one can be J. P. without taking the regular oaths. In regard to A.'s request for a table of fees to be paid by grantees of land, the Board has no authority to give one, but advises A. to charge what is usual in the other colonies. A. is charged to keep a strict eye on the French missionaries that they do not increase beyond what is needful for the service of the inhabitants. Order regarding the French of St. John's River, to retire out of the province repeated, as they do not come under the terms of the treaty of Utrecht.

Whitehall, Nov. 2, 1732.
T. Westmorland
P. Dominique
T. Pelham
M. Bladen

Governor's Order in Relation to Sheep. [100

Complaints of loss of sheep and cattle from English and French inhabitants of Annapolis Royal, the Cape, Bellairs and


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