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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 193

Minas, together with the persons interested, particularly Philip Melanson and Réné Landry are ordered to appear at Annapolis and explain their misconduct.

Annapolis, Jan. 31, 1732/3
L. Armstrong.

French translation of above follows [93 f.]

Proclamation Regarding Half-Bushel. [94

Preamble refers to order of Aug, 20 'last,' requiring all half- bushels to be brought in. The new standard measure is now ready. The Deputies of Annapolis river are ordered to bring in all half-bushels that can be found amongst the inhabitants, within twenty days. New half-bushels are to be made according to the standard, which also must be brought in to receive the legal stamp, declaring that all grain hereafter bought or sold and measured by the said half-bushels now ordered to be destroyed shall be confiscated and sold for the benefit of the poor. Those who will not comply are to be reported to the Governor,

Annapolis, Feb. 5, 1732/3
L. Armstrong.

Order to Deputies. [96

Claude Gautrot of Minas has obtained an order for possession of part of the Common of Minas, representing that it was an inheritance. Sworn statements of respectable inhabitants deny the allegation of inheritance. The Minute of Council of Feb. 6, 1731, in relation to the quarter part of the point of land then in dispute, is to remain in force till Gautrot can obtain his vouchers. He is to quit at once the portion of the common occupied by him.1

Annapolis, Feb. 16, 1732/3
L. Armstrong.

1. NOTE. "It does not appear as yet to the Board that Claud Gautrot has any manner of legal right or pretension to the land lying on the Southern Side of the River Gaspero."


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