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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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England (Belcher) to establish a truck-house at St. John's River, where the most considerable tribe of Indians resides. M, is to communicate frequently with Armstrong, "and you are to take Especial Care not to transact any thing that may seem to make this province (as yet in its minority) anyways in the least Subordinate to, or Dependant upon that of New England, But to manage and fix all that may be done therein, upon the free and Mutual Interests of both Governments who ought at all times (according to their Respective abilitys) Readily to assist one another, for the Peace of Both, and the good of his Majesty's Service."

Annapolis, Sept. 11, 17321
L. Armstrong.

French translation of the following: [90, 91.]

Proclamation Regarding Quit-Rents, Homages, &c. [92

Preamble refers to Philipps' order of Dec, 10, 1730, that all quit-rents, homages, services of whatever kind which the French of Minas and other places on the Bay of Fundy had paid to their respective seigneurs, should be paid to his Britannic Majesty. They are hereby ordered to have in readiness all such quit-rents &c. with arrears since 1731 to be paid at the usual time appointed by their contracts to persons to be named by Armstrong. To prevent frauds, all contracts are to be given in charge of the various deputies, that A. may satisfy himself what their rents are.

Annapolis, Jan. 14, 1732/3
Wm. Shirreff.

Order to Deputies of Minas. [93

Case of the Depuis and Claude Boudrot and Landry brought before the Governor-in-Council again by attorney Depuis. The Judgment of the court (Jan. 10, 1731/2) has not been executed. The same evasions, equivocations and contempt has been shown in the case of Réné Le Blanc and the Melansons. Therefore Alexander Bourg and the Deputies of

1. Note. "N. B. Thus far Transmitted home."


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