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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 19

Caulfeild to Gov, Dudley.

Acknowledges receipt of D.'s letter of July 5. As soon as he has a conveniency will send to Cape Sables and demand Aug. 2. Satisfaction" for such unjustice done." Has had six chiefs here, spoken to them about the matter; they have promised to despatch a messenger to "desire them to forbear those Irregularityes." C. has heard of other instances of misbehavior of these Indians: wishes it was in his power to make redress.

Aug. 2.

Caulfeild to Wm. Clark. [35

Acknowledges receipt of invoice and bill of lading dated July 15. What "as Yett hath been made use of either" pork or molasses has proved satisfactory. Encloses bills drawn at 50% and has written agent for punctual payment; but this is to be no precedent when the affairs of the garrison are settled. Wishes Clarke to pay the freight of the 20 bbls and 1 hhd. sent by Walters and charge it in the next invoice. Wishes C. to provide further for garrison 50 bbls. more best pork and 4 hhds. molasses and send part by first vessel, which may tide them over until they hear from G. Britain. Now turns to his private affairs. If it lies in Clarke's way, he (CauIfeild). will " be Proud of such a Correspondent" ; and will take care to give good bills for such "Effects" as Clark may furnish: "it may perhaps seem Strange to You that I have Quitted Mr. Fannuel but M Franklyn leaveing of me so very abruptly and in a time of Necessity I resolve never to Correspond farther with him, I believe by this time he is Convinc'd of his Informations." If convenient to C. he would like him to furnish "one Pipe best Fyall Wine one Hogshead Barbadoes Rum one· Do best Virginia leaf Tobacco two ffirkins of Butter one barrell of best Musquevado Sugar ten Gallons Lime Juice two boxes of Candles one box of Castile Soap two pound of pepper halfe pound of Nutmeggs to ye Value of Twenty Shillings in cinnamon Cloves Mace and aÌÌ Spice, I must likewise desire you will pay ye freight for there is no such thing as money here."

1. Faneuil? Fanueil? for latter name, see Sabine, .418.


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