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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  188  Nova Scotia Archives.

Order to Priest and Settlers at River St. John's.

As it is not from ignorance but presumption that they have settled so long in a British province without leave, in the first place, and without taking the oath of allegiance, they are ordered to repair to the port of Annapolis Royal and take the oath or answer for their misconduct.

Annapolis, March, 1732
L. Armstrong.

Permit to Leave Settlement. [76

Paul Melanson, Joseph Surett, Peter Surrett, Josesh Cadett Jr., Martin Aucoin Jr. and Joseph Babin have leave to go and make report of the soil of both upland and marsh grounds and also of the woods, the river and the state, condition and depth of the harbour of that part of the province on the north shore of the bay of Fundy called and known by the name of Mushquash Cove. They are to return to this his Majesty's garrison as soon as possible, without marking or laying out any portion of said land, either for themselves or any others whatsoever, as they will answer at their peril.

Annapolis, March 28, 1732
L. Armstrong.

Order for Release of an Englishman at Minas. [77

Letter from Mr De Godalie priest, to Mr. Gaulen priest at Annapolis of the 8th inst. informs Armstrong that said Godalie has a young Englishman in his custody. The deputies are charged and commanded to procure his release and to send him to Annapolis at once.

Annapolis, Ap. 20, 1732
L. Armstrong.

Warrants for Preparing Material for Granary.

Réné Le Blanc of Minas authorized to have in readiness timbers fit for building a "magazine or granary, 26 ft. broad

1. Below is note “N. B. There was another permitt of the same tenor and date to Go to visit some ground lying at Apple River Given to Paul Le Blanc, John Le Blanc, (alias S. Lappin) James Tibau and Benjamin Le Blanc.


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