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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 187

Order for Division of Land.

Alexander Bourg and the Deputies of Minas ordered to divide the land "Between the two Ruisseauxs, Called by the Name of the Ruissauxs De Laigle," which has been in dispute, into two equal halves between John Depuis &c. and the heirs of the deceased Peter Terriot, and report the same to Armstrong in writing, Also John Depuis to be put in possession of the land in dispute between him and Boudrot and Landry.

Annapolis, Jan. 12, 1730/1
L. Armstrong.

Directions as to Plaintiffs and Defendants. [74

Refers to letter of Sept. 31st 1731 on the same matter, "the Great Charge that persons praying for Justice are put to By their Expensive Journeys from Such Remote parts of the Province as yours" (i.e. Minas). Former order repeated: viz., all those with differences to lay before the court must summons "the adverse party." If the defendants refuse to appear, the plaintiffs are to apply to Bourg for certificates to that effect. B. is to report to Armstrong the reasons alleged for refusal. Copies of this notice to be sent to the Deputies of "Chickenectua, Chippody and those others adjacent to your parts that the Same may be duly published."

Annapolis, Jan. 1731/2.
L. Armstrong.

Armstrong to Deputies of Minas. [75

Persons have been cutting wood on a plot of ground known as the Common of Minas, apparently the property of Emanuel Hebert. Inhabitants of Minas and Grand Pré ordered to acquaint Hebert when and where they cut wood on said spot called the common, that the same may be measured and the said Emanuel paid sixpence per cord.

Annapolis, 1731/2
L. Armstrong.

1. Paper rotted through greater part of this.


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