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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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B.'s claim to appear against it and that B. be asked to account for the 200 Livres said to be advanced by him for His Majesty's Service. Bourg ordered to conform to it. Further, as people from Minas and other distant parts of the province are coming in daily, with complaints against their neighbours, and do not warn the "adverse partys" of their intention to proceed against them, Bourg is to order all complainants to give such warning or summons in due time. "I and the Gentlemen of the Council have no other Intention than to do Justice Impartially to you all."

Annapolis, Sept. 21, 1731.

P. S. Hopes this will be read in church before Nigan Robichau, whom Bourg is requested to assist in procuring supplies for the garrison; objection comes from some refractory people at Minas, whom B. and the rest of the Deputies should look after.

Order for Survey of Lands. [71

As it is impossible to settle the disputes of the inhabitants in regard to their lands unless the boundaries thereof are determined, they are ordered to allow the King's surveyor to layout their lands.

Annapolis, Oct.15, 1731.
L. Armstrong.

Copy of Minute of Council. [72

Mary Dennis, daughter of John Dennis, claims estate of her father deceased almost two years before, examined by the Council and proved to be the heir, is to be put into possession at once. Order to this effect sent to Alexander Bourg and the other Deputies of Minas.

Order to Deputies of Annapolis. [73

To meet Governor on Monday next, Nov. 1st, at 10 in the forenoon "ffail not as you will answer to the Contrary."

Annapolis, Oct. 29, 1731.
Wm. Shirreff Secretary.

1. Note: "The ffrench translation upon ffyle."


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