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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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The second [37] is in regard to keeping communication open between Annapolis and Minas, as in time of the French. Dated at Annapolis, 14th May, 4th year of George II. By Philipps.

The French translation of the above follows [51]. Date 1730 legible.
The road was apparently a cart road, "un chemin de Charete"


Philipps to the inhabitants of Annapolis, commanding them to bring all writings, deeds, &c, giving them claims to land, to the Secretary's office to be confirmed. "Inasmuch as no other tenures will be allowed valid."

Annapolis, Dec. 24, 1730

Translation of the above in French [52]. Writings to be in before Feb. 28: new papers to be made out.


In French: to constitute "Sieur Alex. Bourg de Bellhumeur" Procoureur du Roy: Apparently in regard to escheated lands:

Accounts to be rendered twice a year: to pay himself by fees, deducting three shillings per pound sterling.

Annapolis, Dec. 10. 1730 Appointed by Philipps

Summons to the Inhabitants of Grand Pré.1 [53

Preamble rehearses that the Inhabitants of Minas have attempted to rescue one John Tourno, a naturalized British subject who had deserted from a vessel, after he had been put on board. Went off threatening to send those who could: and incited a parcel of savages to the work. These did board the vessel and rescue John Tourno, who is now detained at Minas. "Amand Bugeau, Jeau Laundry and Jean Le Blanc sirnam'd

1. Specimen of English-French in this document: "Ia Personne qu'on jugeroit etre la plus propre & la plus Capable."


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