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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  18  Nova Scotia Archives.

1714 to May 31, 1715. Has examined accounts and finds that they agree with his books, Also list of people "belong ing to" the B. of O. all signed by C. and "mr'. Burges Master Gunner." Enclosed letter from Vane to Burges, wherein he has the assurance to give out that, notwithstanding his recall, his orders are to be complied with in all respects until his return. Will inform this Board from time to time of anything of importance.
June 9.

Caulfeild to Clark (?)1 [33

Acknowledges receipt of letter with ten bbls. pork by shallop "Hannah"; and also one by Blin with fifty more: sends bills for same at 50%, which is less than usual. Has written in his favor to the Secretaries of State and War and transmitted copy of his (correspondent's) letter: also written to the agent: is "of oppinion" that the money will be paid punctually; "not questioning butt When it appears att Home How Servisable you have been to This Garrison in Such a time of Necessity They will be ready To own The Obligation." Wishes 20 bbls. pork more and 3 hhds. molasses, "on my own or yr Risque as you please." Sorry to hear of the scarcity in N. E.; hopes for better times: holds out prospects of imperial favor.

P. S. Tis proper you Signe ye receptts which are under The Accts of pork Annexed To ye Bills That being allways method and what is required att Home.
July 4.

Caulfeild to Clark.2 [34

Refers to letter of June 9, asking for 20 bbls. pork: now requests that they be shipped by the first vessel "bound to this place, the Garrison being at this time very bare haveing been Considerablie in Arrears to ye Men before your last Supply came to hand." Again holds out hopes of imperial favor for services rendered,

1. Unsigned and undirected: cp letter to Agent [31] and Secretary of State [28].
2. This and the three following letters are in handwriting·no. 2.


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