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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 179

sent to be filled up by Edward How Esq. and the other Justices at Canso as per Letter to him 11th Aug. 1738 folo 188."

Captain James Mitford to the Justice of the Quorum. [35

"at Canso; Mitford styled "of the Honourable Brigadier General Richard Philipps, Regiment of ffoot"

Annapolis, Ap. 21, 1739 Appointed by Armstrong.

William Seeward to be Lieutenant of Militia.

"at Canso": blank left for name to Captain, not filled in.

Annapolis, Ap. 20, 1739 Appointed by Armstrong.

Note. Below this commission, apparently the last signed by Lieut. Govr. Armstrong, is the following: "N.B. One of the Same tenor of that given to Captain James Mitford Justice of the Quorum folio 35 was by His Honour the Lieut. Governor Granted to Lieut. John Broadstreet at Canso, and bears date this second day of July 1739, and given to be forwarded to him by Ens’gn Chas Vane March 16th, 1741-2. A Commission of the Quorum of the same tenor of yt Above Speified (sic) Was this Day Granted to John Tasker Esq. of Canso as per minute of Council of said Date and Given to the President to be forwarded."

From this point on the document is very difficult to read. Many pages are in tatters; the first has been roughly mended. the ink is black, the handwriting firm, and the signature, "Eras. Jas. Philipps Secretry" appears frequently.


The first [37] is a proclamation by Philipps in French, apparently ordering that French deputies be paid their travelling expenses by their compatriots.

Date not ascertainable.


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