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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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At bottom "This Intitles Mr. Mitchell to a Sallary of one hundred pounds pr ann. Ster. to be paid to him or his assigns quarterly [paper gone] Dunbar"

Royal Instructions to David Dunbar.1 [22

Preamble rehearses the advantages of America being a source of naval stores, and orders Dunbar to begin work with least possible delay. Nova Scotia reported as abounding in all necessary timber. Dunbar to proceed thither and layout convenient tracts, not less than 200,000 acres in extent, which must be near the sea-coast, Act of 9th Anne for preserving white pine (for masting) in "her Majestys Colonies of New Hampshire, the Massachussetts Bay" &c., to be enforced. Desirable trees not private property to be marked. Doubts as to trees 24 inches in diameter at 12 inches from the ground being reserved to the Crown, to be dispelled: trees of this size not to be felled anywhere, without the Surveyor's license. Dunbar to instruct the inhabitants in the growth and manufacture of tar, pitch, hemp and other naval stores, so that G. B. may not be forced to depend on foreign countries for such supplies. Pitch-and-tar casks to have name and address of manufacturers upon them. To report progress every three months (or oftener if necessary) to Secretary of State, Commissioners of Admiralty, and of Trade and Plantations. All governors of provinces to co-operate and assist.
Geo : Dodington
Geo: Oxenden
Wm Clayton

Dunbar's Instructions to Mitchell. [26

To proceed to Annapolis Royal and show the Governor his papers and commission. To select with care woods of large timber, especially of white pine fit for masts, yards and bow-sprits, adjacent to harbors and the mouths of rivers: but, as this rule followed out strictly may prevent settlements, he is

1. "Surveyor of the Woods in the Continent of America."


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