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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 175

George Mitchell to Armstrong. [20

As deputy to Co!. David Dunbar, Surveyor General for Nova Scotia, reports on the surveys made between the river of Kemebeck and the river St. Croix in A.'s province.

"Colonel Dunbar by his Majesty's Order has laid out six Townships viz’t upon the river formerly Called Sheepscott he has settled a Township Now Called Newcastle, Up the River Called by the Indians Permysquam, is fixt Townshend to the Eastward of Newcastle, On the River Damerscotty He has Settled Walpole On St. John's River, is an Other Township called Harrington, on the River commonly known by the Name of Pemmiquid is Scituate Frederick's ffort and further East is Settled Torrenton formerly Called Mascougas."
Annapolis, Sep. 22, 1732. Geo. Mitchell.

Mitchell Appointed Deputy Surveyor.

Preamble states that by an order-in-Council, dated at St.-James, March 28 1728, and a writing of the Lords of the Treasury dated at Whitehall May 9, 1728, David Dunbar Esq. (Surveyor-General of his Majesty's Woods on the Continent on America) is constituted Surveyor General of His Majesty's woods in Nova Scotia, "to make out and Set apart for his Majesty's use Such tracts of his Said Majesty's lands as Shall be found upon Survey to be most proper for producing of Masts and other timber for the use of the Royall Navy, and lying Contiguous to the Sea Coast or Navigable Rivers there, which tracts of land are not to amount to less than Two hundred Thousand Acres in the whole, and to be marked and Set apart in Such Manner as may for Ever hereafter Secure a lasting Store of Timber for the Service of the Royall Navy in those parts, free from any Contests that may be occasioned by Intermixture of private propertys." Dunbar is ordered to proceed without delay to execute this commission, and appoints George Mitchell Gentleman to be one of his deputies with all rights and responsibilities, at his (Dunbar's) pleasure.
David Dunbar

London, March 17, 1728.


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