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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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widow refuses to produce his books or allow the officers accounts to be drawn from them; she has not answered the letter written by the order of the Board.

The sum due the officers is very large. Creditors threaten to throw them into jail; some have been bailed out. Board recommends that Philipps be ordered home and that his pay be stopped until he has made these sums good.

The Horse Guards Dec. 8, 1730
Hump. Gore
H. Grove
Thos. Wetham
Wm. Evans
R. Russell

Order to Return. [18

Philipps ordered home in the King's name, to adjust and settle the debts owing to the officers of his regiment. Armstrong to be governor during his absence.
St James, March 15, 1730/1 By His Majesty's Command
HolIes Newcastle..

Newcastle to Armstrong.

Orders for Philipps's recall entrusted to him, for immediate delivery to P. on arrival in N. S. Armstrong to take over the government.
Whitehall, March 15, 1730/1 (signed.)
HolIes Newcastle.

Strickland to Armstrong.

Ordered to repair to Nova Scotia, with letter for Philipps' recall, Armstrong to have Governor's pay as long as he retains the office.
Whitehall Jan. 16. 1730/31 (signed.)
Wm. Strickland.


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