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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 173

power); 9) obedience to R. Philipps or his deputy is enjoined on all; 10) Philipps to enjoy all these rights at the pleasure of the King.

Dated at Westminster, Sept. 11, the second year of our (George II's) reign.
signed By Writt of Privy Seal
Bisse & Bray

A true Record of ye Originall
Attested p. Eras. Jas. Philipps Secretary
this 10th day of Dec, 1730"

Sir William Strickland to Armstrong. [16

Shirreff to be Secretary; until the arrival of Captain Philipps.
Wm Strickland.

Whitehall, Ap. 2. 1731 Wm Strickland.
Attested by E. J. Philipps July 19, 1731.

Strickland to Shirreff. [17

Shireff to act as Secretary during Philipps' absence and receive the moiety of his pay commencing with S.'s arrival in Nova Scotia.
William Strickland.

Whitehall, March 26. 1731 William Strickland.
Attested by E. J. Philipps July 19. 1731.

Strickland to Colonel Philipps.

Orders to hand government over to Armstrong (the bearer of this) and repair without loss of time to Great Britain, to adjust and settle the accounts of several officers of P.'s regiment, whose petitions have been referred to the board of General Officers. The report of the latter has been laid before the King, and a copy is sent herewith to Philipps.

Report of General Officers.

Have examined the petitions of the officers of Col. Philipps's Regt. of Foot, complaining that large sums are due them from the late Col. Gardner, Col. Philipps's agent. Col. Gardner's


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