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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  172  Nova Scotia Archives.

Commission. [11

Martain Remy, Yeoman to be Constable.

Annapolis, Ap. 5, 17
. Armstrong.

Commission for J. P. [12

Prudent Robichau Senr Esq, to be Justice of the Peace for Annapolis

Annapolis, Ap. 5, 1727.
L. Armstrong.

Commission for Clerk. [13

John Duon to be Clerk to the Justices of the Peace

Annapolis, Ap. 5. 1727.
L. Armstrong.

Copy of Broad Seal Commission.

Preamble states that Philipps was appointed Governor on the 9th July, in the 5th Yr. of George the First's Reign. His office was continued six months after the demise of his late Majesty, and is now continued "untill our Pleasure be further known or other Provision be made concerning ye Sd Office." Old commissions formally revoked and Philipps appointed anew Governor of Placentia in Newfoundland & Captain General and Governor in Chief in & over our Province of Nova Scotia or Accadie. Philipps is empowered: 1) to administer justice and manage public affairs; 2) to nominate twelve fitting and discreet persons to be members of the Council; 3) is required to administer the usual oaths; 4) any five of the Council empowered to administer the oaths to Philipps; 5) Philipps given all military powers in the province; 6) and all other necessary powers, not defined: 7) and civil powers to settle all questions of inheritance; 8) to administer all necessary oaths to the inhabitants (five or more of the Council having the same

1. Subscribed "Attested by Wm. Shirreff Secy. this 16 May 1727."


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