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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Commission Book, 1720-1741. 171

Council, full Power and Authority to Administer the forementioned Oaths unto every Person in the said Province Capable by the Laws to take the Same"; (7) and to do what further may be necessary for the security of the province; (8) all to be obedient to him, or to any deputy he may appoint; (9) and Philipps to be Governor &c. at the King's pleasure.

Whitehall, 12th } a true Coppy. Ex’d

March, 1724/5 }
Alured Popple

Annapolis Royal, 21st Sepr. 1726

"A true Record taken by order of the Govr and Council, from the above 12th March 1724/5"

NOTE: also the end of Shirreff’s signature & date 15th May 1727

Royal Commission. [8

Lawrence Armstrong to be Lieutenant-Governor in N. S. St.. James, Feb. 8, 1724/5 & Annapolis Royal, Sept. 21, 1726

Cornmission for J. P.'s. [9

John Adams, William Skeen, and William Shirreff to be not only Justices of the Peace "as you are members of the Council for Said Province," * * * "But also for want of Such a Quorum of the Council as is required by His Majestys Instructions for the Government of this His Said Province, to Examine and Enquire into all Pleas, Debates and Differences that are or may be amongst the inhabitants of Said Province and to make Reports of your Oppinions and Judgements thereof to the Gov. or Commander in Chief for Confirmation of your Said Judgements or Otherways."

Dated at Annapolis, March 28, 1727.
L. Armstrong.

Commission. [10

Francis Richards Esq. to be High Constable.

Annapolis, Ap. 5, 1727.
L. Armstrong.


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