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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Mascarene to Momquaret and Wouito.1

Very glad to learn that neither they nor the Indians in general were concerned in the robbery of Trefry. Sends to Belhumeur, the articles of peace signed by the Indians "to Remind you of Your Obligations." They can depend on the friendship of the H. M. subjects as long as they refrain from molesting them.
P : Mascarene.

Mascarene to de Loutre.

As the Robbery Committed by Some Indians On William Trefry Master of a Small Vessel from New England whilst he was tradeing at Menis, is disowned by other savages, M. hopes the rest will conform to the articles of peace and make reparation. As de L. has great influence with them, M. hopes he will use it to preserve the peace. The main support of the savages is from the trade carried on in the province. Hopes de L. will do what he can.
P : Mascarene.

Mascarene to Alex. Bourg. [259

Sends duplicate of letter sent by Trefry, and also treaty with Indians translated into French to be kept in B.'s office, to remind the savages of their obligations. Has written to the Deputies of Piziquid, in regard to the difficulty between the Braux and Hebert. They, with B., are to make them submit to arbitration, if possible. The report of the Deputies with B.'s concurrence is necessary, (for submission to the Council,) to show that the proclamation has been acted on. Jean Bourgeois has applied for a summons against Benjamin Landry. M. had hoped that the matter was settled; but as she persists, "in demanding her Adverse Party to Appear here I shall not Refuse her Request." If Benoist persists in

1. Direction reads: To Jacques Momquaret Thomas Wouito Capitaines Des Sauvages.


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