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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 161

Mascarene to Alex. Bourg.

Return of Trefry telling how he was plundered "in your Parts. " Was about to sail for Boston and the purport of the letters sent might be imagined, if it was thought the Indians in general had been concerned in the outrage, and had. been supported by the French. Letters from B., Mangeant and two Indians, have changed the aspect of the case. Their conduct and that of the two deputies is highly approved. Wind is fair and T. is about to sail to recover his loss. What is reported cannot be the whole of the cargo: B. is to obtain what satisfaction he can for T. Sends T.'s statement of his cargo: has given T. inventory of the goods recovered. Intends to write to "Monsr De Loutre": if B. sees or writes to him (de. L.) he is to ask him to use his influence with the Indians to recover the missing goods. From the remark of an Indian woman, Bujeau was suspected of inciting the Indians: but from B.'s letters, the suspicion has been proved groundless. M. has told Trefry to reward "Sappine" for his readiness in lending his vessel.
P : Mascarene.

Ap. 12.

P. S. Enclosed is sworn statement of cargo; by taking from it what has been sold and what has been recovered, T.'s loss can be estimated. Copy of some of the articles of the Indian treaty also enclosed until the full text en be sent.
P. M.

Mascarene to Francis Mangeant. [258

M.'s account of the expedition to recover Trefry's goods has pleased Mascarene and the Council. Wishes it were in his power to reward him. Glad that he and Bourg are in agreement: it will conduce to H. M. interests and the public good; and turn out to M.'s advantage.
P. Mascarene.

Ap. 13.


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