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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  160  Nova Scotia Archives.
Jany. 11.

Mascarene to des Enclaves.1 [255

Wishes him a Happy New Year. True that the weather has prevented des E. from coming to A. in accordance with the regulations. Hopes that these difficulties des E. raises will not give rise to the idea that missionaries will oppose any regulation made for them. The Council passed the resolution regarding de la Goudalie, without the latter's concurrence, but to his satisfaction, though de la G. would rather be settled here, as some of the people want him. If after des E. comes here, his health does not permit him to remain, he may withdraw. While M. is at the head of the Govt., he will never prevent a missionary leaving the province; he only wishes to hinder any of them from settling in it, contrary to the regulations. Correspondence has led M. to esteem de la G., and as it was necessary "to Adjust what Differences had Happen'd Amongst You," M. is not sorry that the lot has fallen on de la G. to exercise his office "in this Place."
Jan. 12.

Mascarene to de la Goudalie. [256

Has received a letter from St. Poncy which he cannot answer in his public capacity without expressing resentment at St. P.'s conduct in "Intruding and Maintaining himself in" a parish in H. B. M. dominions, without leave. Wishes de la G, to inform him that M. has no personal feeling in the matter, but disapproves strongly of St. P.'s conduct. Had entered into a religious discussion with him, as a private person in a time of leisure; but since taking up the Govt. is not able to resume it. St. P.'s last communications lie unopened in M.'s closet. Has written to des Enclaves and mentioned in express terms "what You Desir'd Mr Skene to Signifie to you."

1. Direction reads: "Monsieur Des Enclaves Missionary Preist At River Canards."


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