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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 159

grants, those who have obeyed will receive the preference and those who have disobeyed will receive their deserts. No payment of King's dues can give a title to ill-gotten possessions. The Receiver and Deputies will make out lists distinguishing those who have valid deeds, those who have lost their deeds but can prove possession during the French régime, those who had leave to mark out lands and obeyed the Govt. orders, those who have not obeyed, and those who have taken lands marked out by others, including those on the river Chippody. Such lists properly made out may in time remove many difficulties. Give due attention to this letter, in the interests of peace. They may repent if they do not now obey. Assist the Receiver in collecting the King's dues, and communicate this letter to him.

Mascarene to Bergereau.1 [254

Has received B.'s letter per Quaissy, whose proposal obliged M. to call a meeting of Council. As much done as possible until the lake is surveyed properly, the plan sent being insufficient. Has written also to the Deputies. B. is to help in making return of habitans according to their rights to the land they possess. Will be glad to favor B. "But it is to be Considered that you are not one of the Old Inhabitants nor Descended from them, that it is even said that you have not taken The Oath of Allegiance which are Obstacles of no Little Consequence, Besides That The Suspicion is entertained Of Your haveing Being Concern'd in a foreign Trade." Wishes that B. may be able to remove the obstacles by his good behavior. Those who have taken Crown lands do not earn a title to them by paying the King's Dues; and M. is not to press them for payment. B.'s accounts are in the hands of the Secretary for examination: what M. has seen of them leads him to believe they are just and exact. A voyage to Annapolis in the Spring might be useful to B., especially if what M. wrote to the Deputies can be accomplished.

1. Direction reads: "Monsieur Bergereau Receiver of the King's Dues at Chignicto.”

Jan. 11.


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