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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Dec. 22.

Mascarene to Deputies of Grand Pré &c.2 [251

Enclosed proclamation to be published in the different districts and then registered with the notary. It empowers the Deputies to execute the orders of the Council. Hopes they will do their duty.
Jan. 11.

Mascarene to the Deputies of Chignecto.1

District of Chignecto has been so long in a state of disobedience that the habitans can only regain the confidence of the Govt. by repentance and amendment. Encloses proclamation which shows that they must obey and enforce the Govt.'s orders. In this way order may be restored, unless they oblige the Govt. to use force.

A habitan named Quaissy, the bearer of this, has made proposition regarding the Lake; but the map submitted is not sufficient to make grants by. All that can be done is to promise those interested that the grant will be confirmed as soon as the survey is made, if in the meantime they have conformed to the orders of the Govt. unless an express order should come from Court forbidding it. In the meantime those concerned may continue their works, not however passing the limits sent by the Council. Lands not granted by the Govt. have apparently been sold, and money has been fraudulently obtained. Such cases will be looked into, when the grants are made. As for the squatters on Crown land, for which they have no grants, if they can prove that they have lost their papers by fire or other accident, "The Goverment may Insure them Their Possessions." But those who have taken Crown land contrary to justice and Govt. orders, cannot be considered as possessing any right to their holdings. A difference will be made between those who marked (Crown) lands and then refrained from improving them, in obedience to Govt. orders, and those who refused to obey and even occupied the land marked and abandoned by others. If the King bestows additional

2. "To Messieurs the Deputies of the Grand pré, And River of Canards, Pessequid and Cobequid Dependencies of Mines"
1. Printed in full, N. S. Archives, p. 1151f.


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