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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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the Inhabit’ts in judging of their Suits & shall continue so except in cases where such would Affect the rights of the Crown or be repugnant to the Laws of Great Brittain & therefore no new customs or Laws trumpt up by any residing amongst you will gain any Sway." If they cannot agree, the plaintiff must petition for a summons to be sent to the defendant "to appear here in October."

For the same reason, M. cannot look over Longuepée's papers "to examine whether the Land he is in possession of is inserted in his grant of the Signior or whether he has incroached & taken more than was granted to him & so the Land in which the Mill is desired to be built belongs to the King as Signior or to the Said Longuepée but if the place on which the Mill is to be built be of Such necessity & Conveniency to the Commonality those who intend to build it may agree with the said Longuepée amicably & oblige themselves to give Such Satisfaction to him in case the Land or part of the Stream on which they build be prov'd to be his & if on the Examin’n of the Case before the Council the Land or that part of the River be found to belong to the King as not being containd in the S.d Longuepée's grant then those who shall have built the Mill will be answerable to his Majesty for Rents & other dues as Usually Allowed in such Cases."
July 16.

Mascarene to Bergeau. [241

Has received per Winniett, B.'s letter stating that had received something further on account of the King's Dues and had put 60 livres into W.'s hands to be delivered to M.; but W. says the three hhds. wheat B. offered to put on board were not good, and were taken by a habitan who promised to send the same amount of good wheat in the fall, "and as for the Sixty livres which were the Produce of them three hhds he told me you had said nothing to him about it but Offerd to pay that sum on your acco’t if I would insist on it. As this shows some kind of Mistery," M. wants an explanation. B. not to charge the three hhds to M.'s account. The people of Chignecto "appear in all things of a refractory spirit," pay


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