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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Proceed up this bay With their Truck or their fish." When writing "do not give me titles which do not belong to me." Governor belongs to Gen. Philipps: M. is only President of the Council and Commander-in-chief in the province for the time being.
Paul Mascarene.
June 18.

Mascarene to Bourg.

Has received B.'s by [blank] informing M. how B. has returned from Cobequid, having gathered the King's dues; which M. would like as soon as B. can conveniently send them. Wants wheat not for the King's advantage or his own (money would be better) but for the sake of several families here in distress, "who have no bread to eat & whom I would fain assist if I could." The two strangers not to be encouraged to remain: M. and Council order that the surgeon may stay some time and practise his profession as there is some need for it, but as there is no need of the tailor, he is to take the first fit opportunity to leave the province. Both strangers have been informed of the order; and B. is to inform the Deputies of the different settlements of it. Strangers are to be kept out of the province rather than encouraged to remain. Papers and proclamations of unauthorized persons are not be be regarded. Wants to know how long Duplessis has been in the country, by whose authority he exercises his function or has settled here "for I have no knowledge of him." Could not read a word in B.'s letter about Terriot and showed it to Jacques, with some others, but saw his mistake and stopped. Jacques may talk and B. must not think that he (M.) showed the whole letter. Those who have anything to discuss before the court here, especially the Landrys and Terriots of River Canard, are asked to defer their cases until the meeting in October, because the number of councillors at Annapolis now is small.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. Paul Mascarene.

P. S. Warns the habitans against exporting any kind of produce out of the province, Would caution them "not to


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