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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  146  Nova Scotia Archives.
Ap. 15.

Mascarene to Bourg. [232

Has received by Thos. Donnell, who arrived last week, letters from Europe dated last Fall. Gov. Philipps coming out in the spring, but thinks M. should continue as head of the civil government. This should put an end to the rumors which have been flying about since last Fall. Sends proclamation to deputies; it is intended to prevent the scarcity of bread, "whilst the Grain should be exported." Habitans who navigate vessels to be notified that unless they take out papers at Annapolis before going on a voyage and report there at its close, their vessels may be confiscated, in addition to other punishments. B. to send M. the King's dues in wheat and pease, as it will be "a Service done to sev’l families who will soon be in great want & whom I would Relieve at the ordinary price thereby to hinder the Scarcity from raising the Price which would be hard especially for ye Poor." More trouble in Europe and the W. Indies: hopes the habitans will conduct themselves properly in the crisis.
(signed.) Paul Mascarene.

P. S. Hopes that the affair of Gautier's horse will be settled, and that the Deputies of River Canard will not be obstinate. B. to read over M.'s letters before he writes.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry.
Ap. 25.

Mascarene to Bourg. [233

Has written to B. by young Gautier and sent proclamation forbidding exportation of all kinds of produce out of the province until bonds are given that the produce is to be landed in a port in H. B. M, dominions. This the law, even in England, to prevent scarcity, and "that the hopes of Gain might not Occasion the Enemies of His Majests Governmt [line drawn through] to be Supply'd to ye Prejudice of His own Subjects." If M. does not express himself clearly, in the proclamation, B. is to take the sense as given in the private letters. B. to exhort the Deputies and habitans to


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