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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

  130  Nova Scotia Archives.
Jan. 14.

Shirreff to Bergeau.

Acknowledges receipt of B.'s and hopes to see him "here" as soon as the weather will permit. Through Armstrong's death, the government has devolved on the President of the Council. Is directed by Hon. John Adams, President of the Council, to send enclosed summons for the Deputies; to appear before the Council, give an account of their election and receive orders. Hopes he will duly deliver the summons and inform the deputies and the other inhabitants "that Application is on all Occurrances to be Made to the Honl President and the Council as formerly."
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry.
March 24.

Mascarene to Bergereau.1 [205

As B, has been employed by Armstrong in the affairs of Chignecto, M. has thought proper to send the enclosed (proclamation) to be read to the inhabitants and afterwards posted in a public place. B. will give as full an account of the business as possible, marking what has been remitted, what he has in hand and what remains due, that all may be laid before the Council. Can be assured of M.'s support, esteem and kindness in so far as he conducts himself towards the Government in accordance with his promises. Assure the inhabitants of the same. Winniett, who will hand him this, will tell him also of the news from Europe. As M. has a high regard for W. and his family, hopes that B. will treat him well. Expects one or two of the deputies to come to . Annapolis and give an account of the state and feeling of the inhabitants of Chignecto.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. P. Mascarene.
March 25.

Mascarene to Mangeant.2 [206

Along with notification of Mascarene's arrival, he encloses a proclamation to be read and afterwards posted in a most public place, that no one may pretend ignorance, Copies

1. In French.
2. In French.


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