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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 13

is besides destitute of any further credit at Boston in N, England, through Gen. Nicholson. Has always employed his own credit as far as possible in the service of the garrison. Has complied with N.'s orders. Encloses Commissary's return of quantity and sort of provisions, and estimate of how long they will last. Obliged to send a vessel to N. England, to beg provisions. Hopes S. will not take his representations amiss.
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Caulfeild to Board of Trade. [22

Refers to previous despatch of Dec. 24, 1714, giving account of proclaiming George I king "with all the Ceremony and Solemnity that This pleace Could afford."1 Now transmits account of Button and Capoon's transactions at the various ports, which shows that most of the inhabitants are French and intend quitting the province to remove to Cape Breton under French protection. Begs for instructions. Many inconveniences from want of pay and provisions. Commissary's return of provisions in store and estimate how long they will last, enclosed. Obliged to send a sloop to the government of N .E. to represent their necessity.
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(1) The following extract (MS. 6, No. 13) explains the "solemnity."
Annapolis Royal in the
Province of Nova Scotia North
America December ye: 2d: 1714.
This morning the Troops were drawn out upon the parade, under Arms, and the Honable Majr. Thomas Caulfield (sic) Lieut. Govr. with the Captns and other Officers at their head, the fflagg being hoisted half Mast High, the Bell Toll'd and the Cannon round the Garrison Fired Sharp Shott at a Minutes distance to solemnize the Death of our late Gracious Majsty Queen Anne of' blessed memory.
In the Afternoon the flagg was hoisted entire and the Troop again drawn out as before. The ffrench Inhabitants being Assembled, his Majties Proclamation was read declareing the high and Mighty Prince George Elector of Brunswick Lunenburgh to be our lawfull and Rightful Liege Lord George by the Grace of God King of Great Britain ffrance and Ireland Defendor of the ffaith &c. .And the Canon fired three rounds and was answered by the smal .Arms of· our soldiers; after wch a Party was detached with an Officer, and the fort majr. who did ye same at the Lower Town and Cape.
The Gentlemen went to the Hon:ble the Lieutt: Gov:rs and there drank His Majties health: the Night was concluded with the discharge of thirty nine Coehorns and the Mortars three times, A great Bonefire was made, Candles in the windows and all Illuminations possible on so great an occasion.
The Officers Attended ye Hon:ble Lieut:t Govr. and again drank his Majties health. with the Drumms beating and after adjourned to Gov:rs house. .And the Whole Garrison have since taken the Oaths to his Majty.


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