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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Aug. 9.

Shirreff to Armstrong. [195

Has received A.'s of the 9th inst. Though humble of the same opinion about granting How's patent. Adduces precedent of the colliery, which after being surveyed, had its boundaries adjusted in Council, new names given to different places and the patent laid before the Council before being finally granted. Still thinks that all matters of such importance should be weighed by the Council, especially if attended with disputes. Capt. Mitford's silence does not, in S.'s opinion, cancel the officers' complaint: it may be urged on either side of the case. In accordance with H. M.'s instructions, the complaint should be considered by the Council. Does not see how he can draw up a patent "by and With the Advice and Consent of The Council” till that is first obtained. Is still of opinion that the minute of August 8th, 1738, is not sufficient authority. Further reasons. (1) The Royal Instructions require a certain proportion of unprofitable land to be granted with the profitable, and no tracts to be granted running along the sea-coast or rivers. S. is a stranger to this territory: the Council should meet to give assistance and advice on this matter. (2) All such townships are to be divided into town-lots, and granted according to the capacities of the settlers, no one of which is to have more than 1000 acres, either in his own or any other name. (3) In making out a patent in the name of a company, the names of all the members should be known to avoid transgressing any part of H. M.'s instructions. S. needs the Council's help, if he is to avoid errors. Wishes from his heart there were five hundred townships for one, settled in accordance with the King's instructions. Would do all in his power to help, not hinder.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. Wm. Shirreff.
Aug. 13.

Armstrong to———1 [197

John Dyson, storekeeper, has complained of Joseph Dugan, bombardier; A. has called a convocation of regimental officers

1. No address: but plainly intended for the head of the Board of Ordnance.


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