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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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transmitt Copy's of the same to the Surveyor Gen’l. Col.Dunbar that he may Acquaint the Officers in England of the Particulars of the Several Grants to private persons as well as what shall be sett apart for his Majesty because Several Patents have been granted for Plotts & Tracts of Land which have not been Surveyed by him nor he Acquainted therewith, This is therefore to Acquaint you that for the future You are not to make Out a Patent or any Others Surveyor Estimation then made by the Surveyor Gen’l, Col. Dunbar or One of his Deputy's and that you do in every Grant Specify his Name or the Name .of such Deputy of his as Shall Survey the Lands to be laid out."
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry.1 L. Armstrong
Aug. 4.

Armstrong to Shirreff. [192

Deputy-Surveyor has shown A. plan of township laid out for Edward How and associates conformable to Council minute dated Aug.8th, 738: and has made a written report that there. is no quantity of timber within the limits worth reserving for the King's service. S. is therefore to make out a patent for the township.
Registered Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. L. Armstrong
Aug. 6.

Shirreff to Armstrong.1

Preamble rehearses having received. A.'s directions "last Saturday" in regard to Amhurst, Deputy-Surveyor and orders to draw a patent forthwith "for a township at Chickabucto by the Gutt of Canso in favour of Edward How Esq. & Company . . the same being now laid Out And Surveyed by the said Surveyor." S. considers it his duty to point out that "the said minute" (of Aug. 8th, 1738) "was then but a Crude and Indigested answer to an Indefinite demand till first Bounded and Surveyed and that since the aforesaid minute the Officers in Garrison at Canso and several others there being thereby Allarmed have Remonstrated to your Honour and the

1. Note. "Registered by Wm Shirreff Sec’y" signature.
2. Marginal note: "The Sec.’y's Answer to ye above two Letters."


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