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Dec. 25.

Caulfeild to Dudley.

By Nicholson's directions C. transmits enclosure, which is to be forwarded to the address upon it.
" Gover. Dudley."
Date blank.

Capoon's Instructions for Proclaiming George I King. [20

Instructions include Ensign Tho: Button. Preamble rehearses that letters from the Privy Council, Board of Trade, Earl of Bolingbroke, Secty. of State, and Gen. Nicholson have been received, directing that George I be proclaimed “in all the proper parts of this Govmntt.” C. directed to proceed with the sloop " Caulfeild" on this service and pro- claim George I King "at the Ports of mines Shekenecto River St Johns pasmacody penobscot in ye Collony" in the "best maner you Can" and also the continuing of officers in their posts, and to tender the oaths to the French inhabitants and such English as may be found, and administer them in the forms prescribed. C. is to inform himself how the inhabitants of each place stand affected to G. B., also as to the nature of their trade "and the Reasons why they doe not as vsuall come Into these parts and vend theire Commodities." C. also to buy pork and what other provisions he can come at." (Except Corn)." To proceed with speed and return "immediatly when the Service is finished."
May 3.

Caulfeild to Stanhope Sec. of State. [21

Hopes that letter of Dec 24 last, containing account of proclaiming Geo. I King has arrived. Encloses Capoon and Button's account of their transactions at the various ports, except some places to the eastward, which have already declared for the French King. Inhabitants being mostly French, refuse the oaths and to quit the country. C. wishes instructions how to act. Methods of supplying must be changed, if this garrison is to live through the coming winter. The French who used to maintain the garrison with corn are most of them quitting the country, especially at Minas, the chief corn plantation: C.

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