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Settle he accounts of the King's quit-rents, to appear before the Council by May 2nd, and account to them for said rents. "And I advise you to use him with all the Lenity, Good humour and Complaisance that is Possible; And not to cause the said Writ to be served, but in Case of Necessity: But in the meantime you're to take particular Care to Hinder any Vessell to carry him off Otherwise than to this Place." Other order (as it may be an encroachment on another person's property) to be deferred till the situation of the marsh be visited and examined upon A.'s arrival. Plan herewith returned to be made more explicit by the addition of the points of the compass, "with it's proper bearings, buttings and boundings &c." Several words and even lines of M.'s writing illegible, wishes M. would write more distinctly. Will remember what M. has said regarding "those of the River Canard &c." Advises M. "to live as Peaceably and Quietly with all men as possible"; but to be both cautious and diligent in gaining knowledge "of such things as you are Intrusted with." A. has had hitherto no cause either, to suspect or complain: very well satisfied with what M. has done in regard to the sheep and the bullocks. Expects to be in Minas soon.
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. L. Armstrong
March 6.

Armstrong to Mangeant. [182

Has received M.'s express per Francis Le Blanc, which is satisfactory: only sorry that M. and de la Goudalie have given themselves the trouble to intercede "for such gross offenders, who deserve no compassion, seeing they have without any manner of cause drawn their Misfortunes upon themselves." Though A. intended to make an example of them (deserters), he will spare their lives at the request of M. and de G. "as a token of friendship to you all." Hopes they will keep their promise in regard to future offenders: and will send all such to A. under a sufficient guard. Reasonable charges will be allowed.


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