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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 111

N° 5 is the minutes of Council and N° 6 is the Petition of the Inhabitants signed by One hundred & Seven of the Chief of them." From these the S. of S. can see how high the French governor carries his pretentions to the obedience of the priests: the people of the province are "absolutely Govern'd by their Influence." A. does not know what to do; suggests introduction of missionaries from other places; not paid & supported by the French crown: but this would be expensive. Begs intructions. Brigt. "Baltimore" A. has now brought into port "& as to the Person who called herself Mrs Buckler, I have now sufficient reasons not only to suspect her relation, but likewise herself; It is reported that the Vessell aforesaid sailed from Dublin last ffall with about sixty or seventy pas- sengers, most of them Convicts, who it is supposed rose upon the Owner Mr Buckler, the master & Company & Committed a most barbarous Massacre, and afterwards not having their Course or afraid to Venture into any place where they might be known put in to a most unfrequented Harbour in this Bay, where they all perished (God knows how) Except that miserable Woman who perhaps was too deep involved in the Guilt to Discover the true story of their Misfortunes."
L : Armstrong

"N. B. That there was One of the same tenor & date sent to the Right Honourable the Lords Commiss’rs for Trade & Plantations."

Hamilton to Mangeant.1

At the request of the Governor writes to M. regarding two men (well known to him) who have robbed Dolobara. As H. has not time, he desires M. to write orders to the deputies and the missionary priests to arrest these men if opportunity offers. Dolobara has been represented as a very worthy and generous man. H. sure that M. will be glad to oblige him. Council satisfied with the written excuses of the deputies, for not coming to pay their respects to the Governor. Would have replied by the two who brought the letter; but they left before he

1. In French.

Nov. 22.


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