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The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1713-1717. 11

written order; and is suspended by court-martial; C. signed the sentence of suspension; and V. has been guilty of insolence to C. and others.1
Tho Caulfeild.

Caulfeild to Nettmaker

Acknowledges receipt of N.'s letter of July 3 per Alden, duplicate of same date per Walters, and N,'s letter of July 5th. Bales and casks agree with numbers and marks of invoice. Contents not examined, as store-room is out of repair: will be mended as soon as possible. Will retain receipts as desired. Has written to Nicholson regarding the clothing and hopes to arrange for the disposal of them, on Nettmaker's arrival.
Tho Caulfeild.

July 21.

NOTE. Apparently several leaves are here missing. At the top of [19] occur some lines which seem to be a part of a postscript of a letter from Caulfeild to Nicµolson, to this effect: C. would have sent the ordnance account, but the master gunner reports that it was made up until Vane went away, nothing material has occurred since, is expecting orders from the Board, and he will do it all in one.

Caulfeild to How.3

Encloses account of clothing stores, actual state; with certificate from Capoon "our Comsry of provitions who had Leave from me to go to a fishery of his own ye coast, and had to ye value of 100 lb. delived him to be disposed of." Certificate shows at what price the French buy the same clothing from “ye New England people," who bought them for much less of Gen. Nicholson. H. can judge that the rates to us are excessive. Desires directions therein, the officers and soldiers being iriformed thereof (this sharp practice?) and think the hardships too great.
To Mr. How.
Tho Caulfeild.

1. On 18] are the entries: “A Return of provitions Inclosed. Mr. Hutchisson oppinion of ye fortifications Inclosed.”
2. Below this letter is the note "October_ye 13th 1714 Wrote to Sr Hovindon Walker by Mr Jefferson. Ditto to Genll Hill att ye Same time."
3. One of the few letters, with plain statement of addressee, at end.

Dec. 25.


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