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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 109

June 19th. Has done all in his power to get clear light on this intricate affair, but unable to reconcile several circumstances "to the relations made by the person who calls herself Mrs. Buckler." Sends statement of Vane and Nolen sworn to before the Council, in confirmation of what A. had already written. Hopes B. will succeed in bringing Rich to justice. Two deserters from Capt. Hamilton's company and two others of the garrison left in A.'s yawl on the 11th inst: as one a native of New England, they will probably make for that province. Begs B. to assist Hamilton in recovering the deserters.
Otho Hamilton Sec. L. Armstrong
July 29.

P. S. l forgot to state that Charles Muse mentioned in the declaration was pilot to Rich when he took away the mainsail, rigging &c of the "Baltimore."
Sept. 9.

Amstrong to Board of Trade.

Refers to their despatches of Sept. 18th, 1785 and May 7th last, noticing omissions and obscurities in A.'s of Sept. 27th and Dec. 8th, 1785. As most of the passages relate to Canso, refers the B. of T. to the Commanding Officer's report, whom A. will direct to send an account of the duties payable there, what ships employed in that fishery, to whom they belong and the number of English inhabitants. Effective force, nine companies in N. S. and one at Placentia. We try to keep them up to the establishment; they were full last fall and there has been but small loss since. The "Encouragement I published at Boston, " on which the Board desires information, was a statement that A. intended to be there in the following summer to settle the rights of the traders, and to grant unappropriated lands upon the conditions prescribed by H. M. govt. Does not remember stating that there was no trade at Canso; refers for vindication to original despatch. Can add nothing. to what he has said already regarding the Indian presents, state of Canso and the need of a fort there to protect the fishery: believes the B. of T. will do their best for the province. Has sworn in the Commissary of the Musters at


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