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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 105

taken from two of Her Servants, a little after their Arrival in that Harbour, and not to any Apparent Sickness or Distemper, which is somewhat Surprizing, Seeing they might at that time as I understand She now is, have run ye Vessel ashore, but as to that Seeming piece of Indolence, their Sailing and management of the Vessel She Could give no other Accot, than that, as they Believed themselves Some where By Piscataqua, they were in hopes of Meeting with Some ffisher Men to Conduct them thither, from that Circumstance of ye Boat, the Two Servt. Being afterwards found Dead, and as they two Sailors are not to be found We are not a Little Apprehensive of their being Murder'd, as to Which and the truth of what hath been further Related, as I hitherto have So, I Still Shall enquire as particularly as possible and judging it Necessary" have sent copies of the various letters and declarations to the B. of T; having in the meantime despatched a small party under Vane to bring the vessel to Annapolis.

By Mr. Dentremont's declaration, Jonathan Ridge or Rich of Marblehead in N. E. is suspected of having carried off the sails, rigging “and Six Swibel Guns &c." A. has written to Gov. Belcher to enquire into the matter: some of the property may perhaps be found among the fishermen of that govt.

"I have frequently wrote to yr Lordships in Relation to ye Insolence of ye Romish priests who contemn and disclaim His Majesty's Sovereignity Civil power and authority, and in

1. Enumerated as in preceding despatch.
2. The following extracts from the minutes of the Councll at Annapolis (MS. 22 p 435 ff.) throw light on this passage :
Monday the 17th May 1736 being mett According to Adjournment.
* * * Then His Honour Acquainted the Board that as the Inhabitants of Cobaquit had applyed to him for a Priest, & that as Mr. St. Ponce whom they Petitioned for was thinking of going to ffrance, but willing to Stay a Year longer with these People, He had therefore a great mind to let him go but not 'till either his or Mr. Chaveraux Return from Pobomcoup being Intended at the request of Mr. Dentremont to send one of these Priest to use his Endeavours with the Indians to make Restitution, & then laying the Petition of Francis Mitchell & John Robisheaux in behalf of the Inhabitants before ye Board, it was upon Debate deferrd till tomorrow that ye Petitioners & the two Priests might be presente. * * * *
Tuesday the 18th May 1736 Being Mett at the same Place. * * *
The Petition in behalf of the Inhabts of Cobaquit was also laid before the Board, which being again read & what His Hon. had also said thereon Considered the prayer was granted.
Whereupon Mr de St Poncy & Cheavereaux the two Romish Priests were called in & informed thereof & told that it was Judged necessary, betore Mr. De St Poncy's departure for Cobaquit. that either he or Mr. Cheveraux should first go to Pobomcoups along with Mr. Charles Dentremont & Lt Amhurst to use Endeavours that Restitution may he made of the Vessells Sails & such other Effects which the Indians had taken.
They thereunto Answered his Hon. & the Board in a most Insolent,


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