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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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except Mrs. B. and two sailors. She says that she is the widow of Andrew Buckler and "that Her Said Husband was very well known to your Grace." On Ap. 4th last, she was carried oft by Indians; at this time the sailors were alive and in·possession of the vessel; they are not now to be found. She reports further that the boat was carded off by two servants who were afterwards found dead in the woods. A. being apprehensive of murder has sent off Ens. Chas. Vane with a small party to recover the vessel, with letters to the Chief of the Cape Sables Indians, to the Inhabitants of Pobomcoup and to Gov. St. Ovide "at Lewisburg," on this subject. Copies of all these and of Minutes of Council relating to it, of Chas. Dentremont's and Geo. Mitchell's declarations, also enclosed. Hopes that his action, (conformable to Minute of Council,) in sending the Roman priests out of the province, will meet S. of S.'s approval. Wishes further instructions regarding the refractory priests and inhabitants "Who May at any Time dare to deny his majesty's Sovereignity."
Wm Shirreff Sec.ry. L. Armstrong
June 19.

Armstrong to the Board of Trade. [160

The trouble of this proceeds from ye Sad & faithfull accot. from the so-called Mrs. Susannah Buckler of the loss of the Brigt. "Baltimore." "This Unfortunate Gentlewoman" arrived here on May 9th last from Pobomcoup with Charles Dentremont who took her from the Indians and Geo. Mitchell one of H. M.'s surveyors, Her statement before the Governor-in Council is, that the brigt. sailed from Dublin on Oct, 7th last tor Annapolis, Maryland and was forced by bad weather into Tibogue Harb. on Dec, 15th. Two sailors alive on Ap. 4th last, when Indians came on board and carried her oft and robbed her, "if her Report be true" of £1600 stg. in silver and gold "besides the Ship's Cargoe which she saith Amounted, as She hath been Inform'd to about Twelve thousand pounds Sterling more.

She Imputes the Cause of their Death to the Want of fresh Water, through ye Loss of their Boat which the Indians had


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