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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Governor's Letter-Book, Annapolis, 1719-1742. 101

that I am Constrained to Order them out of the Province, Which you will See is purely Owing to themselves, & they only to be Blamed for what hath Happened." Copy of minute of Council, enclosure no. 4 sent herewith. Despatch will be delivered by Lt. Edward Amhurst and Mr. George Mitchell "Gentlemen of Worth & Probity" who will give further information and assist in the recovery of the effects aforesaid. Hopes to be able to send good news of the affairs in Europe by his next.

Armstrong to the Dentremonts at Pobomcoup [155

Their "Brother & Relation Mr Charles Dentremon & One Mrs Buckler" arrived here (at Annapolis) with Mr. George Mitchell, and informed H. M. Govt. on oath of a "most Surprising & Melancholy Accident which hath happened to the Brigantine Called the Baltimore in the Harbour Tibogue near your Village," and also of the Indians' barbarity to the gentlewoman in robbing her of money, clothes and other necessaries, as well as the ship's whole cargo, boat, sails, rigging and other tackling, ammunition, guns and fire-arms. A. has therefore sent a detachment under Ens, Chas. Vane, to bring the "Baltimore" to port and recover the stolen goods.

A. expects, from the good character "you have allwise had amongst the English" and their undoubted influence with the Indians, especially those of Cape Sable, that they will do their utmost to get the ship's sails &c, from the Indians, to be put on board her and sent hither With the utmost despatch, “as You will Answer to ye Contrary."

As, according to Mrs. B.'s statement two sailors, since missing, were alive on board, on Ap. 4th last N. S. (the day whereon the Indian Anthony Tideumart and the others took Mrs. B. ashore), there is reason to suspect murder, A. does therefore "desire & require" them to search out these two men and make inquiry regarding the conduct of Tideumart et·al who took away the ship's boat, on or about Dec. 24th

1. No date or place; but plainly from Annapolis, on May 17th.


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