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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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store; they may be useful to the garrison, or may be, sold to the French or other traders: prices in account, and no more than Her Majesty paid for them.1
John Nettmaker.
July 5.

Nettmaker to Caulfeild. [16

Encloses duplicates of bill of lading, invoice and account sent by Alden who sailed on Saturday. This goes with Capt. Walters, who takes the clothing about which N. wrote him very fully per Alden.
Jno. Nettmaker.
Aug. 2.

Caulfeild to Nicholson

Acknowledges receipt of No's letters of July 3rd per Alden and duplicate per Walters The provisions agree with the numbers and descriptions. Encloses Capoon's account of provisions: sufficient wheat for next year. Has allowed Alden 600 bushels "in proportion to wt he brought here": will do the same for Walters. As N. is coming soon, C. will draw no more bills for wheat. After consulting the officers of the garrison, all agreed that the two breaches on the N. E. side were the first that should be repaired: Hutchisson's report on the same enclosed. C. will write to Minas and other places concerning the assurance that justice will be done the inhabitants and Indians. Did not write by Sir Chas. Hobby because C. wished to consult Nicholson. Has received clothing from Nettmaker; will do what he can to dispose of it. Has not heard from Govr. of Canada; has heard that "Monsr La Round" is on his way to Annapolis. Nothing is regulated at Cape Breton yet; they have designed (but not built) two forts: there are only about 50 inhabitants, who have suffered for want of provisions and are likely to continue so. A Mr. Ferguson is here with power of attorney from Borland to adjust account: C. will do so, As for Capoon's accounts, Caulfeild never saw them or knew that he intended to send them until Nicholson returned them. The item of cartridge in Capoon's accounts, Caulfeild knows nothing of: has never used it. Did not consult with Vane for these reasons: V. would insist upon a

1. Duplicate of same tenor and date per Wm. Walters.


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