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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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     The Governour asked the Said Duyon if he had brought Mons.r Bastarach's Contract and the Other Originall Records as per last Minute
Several papers belonging to John Duon registered and he allowed to Depart the province

     The Said Duyon Answering in the Affirmative Laid before the Board a Bundell Consisting of forty Original Papers orderd by tbe Board to be put into the hands of John Adams Esq. Acting as Notary Publick to be Registred and the Originalls to be Given to the Proper persons therein Respectively Concern'd

     Then the Said Duyon Presented the Honourable Presid.t with a Memo.l (as upon file) Desireing Leave to Depart this Province &.ca which being Read the Board Agreed that as he was no landed man and had no way of Living here that his Request Should be Granted And that he Should acquaint the Governour of the time when he would go


     The Said Duyon being Acquainted of the Resolution of the Board, Made Ans.r that he would Enquire for An Opportunity And Acquaint the Governour Accordingly [132]

     The Board Considering that the Aforesaid Contract belonging to ffrancis Bastarach was by his own Consent and agreement with Antoine Hiber Entrusted to the Care & keeping of Said Duyon who had for Some time Acted as a Notary Publick amongst the Inhabitants; and the Governor with the Advice of the Board Disaproving of his Acting any Longer as Such and Judging it proper that all Contracts for lands Should be Registred by the Governm.t therefore ordered that John Adams Esq Now Acting as Notary Publick Should Register the Same and Give Said Duyon a Receipt for his Indemnification for the afore Said forty Originall papers to be afterward Delivered as aforesaid

     Ordered by Virrtue of the aforesaid Consideration tha.t ffrancis Bastarach pay all Charges Viz.t
To Said Duyon for two day Attendance at Board about his affairs
£ 00..5..—
To Antoine Hiber for his Trouble
£ 00..2..—6
To the Secretary for orders &ca.
£ 00..5..—
Totall £ 00..12..—6


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