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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 89

     The Said Letter being perused & Advised on Resolved & Agreed That the Governor See the Said Priest & talk with him; and that at the Desire Major Mascarene be present Said Interview in Order to Interpret.

     Then the Governor Acquainted the Board that he had wrote a Letter to Pere Isidore in Answer to his; which the Board Read & Approved of

     At the Same place on Wednesday the 6th of January 1724/5 Present the Same Members


     The Honourable L.t Governor Acquainted the Board he had According to yesterdays Minute talk'd with the Priest Ignace, whose Discourse was on his coming Ignorantly into this Country and was Sorry that he had Come with so bad Company as Pere Felix, & Said that Notwithstanding [119] Notwithstandmg he found that he was not to Stay in this Province, Yet he thought he Was Obliged in Conscience to Informe that there was Some thing hatching Amongst the Indians at Shickanecto and that ít was talk'd that a hundred' of them would Come this way Early in the Spring; And Said (Valueing himself that he was from Flanders) That if he Could be permitted to Stay in the Province, he would According to the Contents of his Letter Demean & behave himself like a True and faithfull Subject to the Government in Duely Exeecuting all Such Orders as might be Given him

Ignace the preist ordained to Serve the Cure at Shickanectua

     Then the Board Considering the Letter and What he had said to the Governour, Proposed (Considering our present Circumstances) to givv him the Cure of Shickanecto, in order to Root out that Incendiary Felix, & that by Offering him the Same, we Might in Some Measure Discover his Sincerity Either in his Accepting or Refusing

     Agreed that the Same Proposall be made to him

     And being Accordingly Called, was told that the Board having Considered his Letter and what he had further Informed the Governour of & his promises of a faithfull behaviour to this Government, had therefore, and as he was a


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