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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 87


     Of Ball And [116] And being allso asked if he knew how many of the Indians were killed when they Came here Last Summer

     Said he did not know the Custome of the Indians being never to Discover their Loss, but that there Came two wounded to Mines, and that two of their Chiefs with Some Others of their People did not Returne that way; and that he did not hear anything of them and being ordred to withdraw

     Francis Leblanc was Called in before the Board and being asked what Powder and Ball was at Mines

     He pretended to be Very Ignorant, and said, he beleived there, were not two charges in all Mines

     And being again ask'd if he did not hear Whether Mons.r Bellisle had brought Any, he (Seaming to Recollect his Memory) Said that he had heard, he had brought Some, but did not know the Quantity

     And being allso ask'd if he did not know whether Mons.r Bellisle had made a Distribution of the Same

     He Replyed No, and that he knew nothing at all of the Matter, And being Reprimanded for his Disingenuity was look'd upon as a hardened fellow and so Order'd to withdraw

     Then the L. t Governor Acquainted the Board that he had been Informed of an Unlawful Clandestine trade Carried on by Some of the Inhabitants at Mines with Enemy Indians at S.t Johns River & Pennobscott &.ca who from time to time Supplyed them with provisions & other Necesseys and in Order to prevent which, Desired the Advice of the Board
The Said 2 Deputys Ex- amined about trading w.t the Enemy Indians


     The Board Considering our present Circumstances and the Impossibility of Reduceing these Inhabitants of Mines to a due Obedience, or of Punishing these Rebellious and Treacherous Transgressors, for want of a Due Number [117] Number of fforces, Judged proper and agreed that the Aforesaid two Deputees Should be again Called and Ex- amined on that head; That the Guilty Persons may be


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