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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 85

     Wherenpon they Delivered him a paper without date Signed by Some of the Inhabitants in favour of Said Ignace, desiring that they might have him for their Priest

     To which the Honourable L.t Governor Returned Answer that the People of Mines deserved no favour from this Government; But that as he had Alleady Appointed a Priest there, told them to make use of him for that he would not give them any other; and that they Were very Impertinent in Coming on Such a Message And so were ordred to withdraw


     The above Answer being Approved of by the Board, the Priest Ignace was Ordred to be Sent for, & being Come before the Board, Was Asked, how he Durst presume, and by whose Authority & permission he had Come into this Province & why he did not Immediately Depart upon the Publication [114] Publication of the Proclamation at Mines

     He Made Answer that he was a Flemish born & that the Provincial of Paris having no Missionars to Send abroad into these parts, Sent for Some to the Provincial of Flanders; Upon which he Offered himself and being Recommended to Pere Jocunde his Superior in Cape Breton, he Recommended him to the People of Mines, if this Government would permitt; And that he Endeavoured by Letter to Informe his Honour the Governour of his Arrival at Chickanecto along with Pere ffelix, as also Sent another from Mines, not being then able to wait upon him in person; And that as Soon as he found that the Governor would not Receive his Letters, he Judged it proper to Come here himself to Shew his Innocency And to plead his Ignorance in Coming into this Country with Pere Felix (to whose person & Character he was An utter Stranger) being Since his arrivall only Informed how justly Said Pere Feelix had Merited the Displeasure of this Government; And that being a Stranger and not knowing the Rules & Methods to be Observed till the Publication of the Proclamation at Mines he therefore hop'd his Coming here would Atone for his Ignorance in coming after Such a man-


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