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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 83

to him. & the Honourable William Dummer Dummer Esq the L.t Governour of New England on the Same Subject; And the Said Letters being Read the Board Approved of the Same


     Then the Honourable L.t Governor Acquainted the Board That Several people had made Complaint to him against L.t John Washington Praying paym.t of Such Debts as he the Said L.t Washington is Indebted [111] Indebted to them before he Departed the Province, he being Sent for home by the Honourable Board of Ordnance; Asked the Advice of the Board, in case Said L.t Washington Could not Answer & pay the Demands of his Creditors

     Major Paul Mascarene a member of this Board Represented to the Board, That as Engineer he was Obliged to do all that Lay in his power, as he Allready hath done, to forward the Honourable Board of Ordnance's Orders Which Required L.t Washington's going home, and therefore humbly Required he might be Dispenced with (erased) from giving any other Oppinion in that Affair
Lv.t Washing- ton satisfys his Creditors

     Major Paul Mascarene Allso moved to the Board to have Lieu.t Millidge, as belonging to the Honourable Board of Ordnance, present, in Order to be A Witness to L.t Washington's Affairs; To which the Board Consented & Sent for him Accordingly

     Then L.t John Washington being Sent for to Answer the Complaint of M.r Daniel Quinton Made Answer that he Would find Means to pay him before he went; And being Asked how, he Said that he Would give him a Bill on him Self payable to M.r Daniel Johonnett Merchant in Boston or Order


     And Mr Daniel Quinton thereunto Agreeing the Said L.t Washington Accordingly Drew a Sett of Bills of Excha for £ 68 18 11d New England Money on him Self payable to Said Johonnett or Order at Ten days sights, for Value Received of Said Daniel Quinton and Signed the Same before the Board [112]


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