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Au cœur de l'Acadie

Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 79

Great Britain : And that his Majestys King George and his Heirs and Successors are the Sole Owners & the only True & Lawful Proprietors of the Same.

     That they Shall not for ever hereafter, Trouble Hinder or Molest any of his Majesty the King of Great Britain's Subjects from Settling, or doing any of their other Affiars in Said Province

     That Wee Expect Restitution to be made to our Traders Whom they, The Savages, without any Manner of Cause Given, So frequently Plundered, Which Occasioned the Warr, And that Satisfaction Shall be Made for all the Losses his Majestys Subjects have Since Sustained through their Unjust Depredations
4th That whereas [106]


     That Whereas they are all of the Romish Perswasion They Shall, according to his Majestys Directions Enjoy the Exercise of their Religion : But Shall not have Any Other Missionaries Amongst them Such as his Majestys Government Shall Approve of, having here Certain Informations & Undeniable proofs That the Priests have Allways been the Chief Incendiarys


     That if any of their People Shall Transfress Any of these Articles, And behave themselves Disrespectfully to His Majestys Government, And Obstinately do Any Thing Contrary to Law ; That they Shall Oblige themselves to Yeald & Deliver up Such person or Persons to be punished According to Law

     That Whereas they have hitherto behaved themselves (notwithstanding all manner of kind Usages from the Crown of Great Britain and his Majestys Subjects) with so much Treachery, We Expect that Hostages Shall be Given To this His Majestys Government, for a Security of their Sincerity in performing of these and of all and every Such Article as Shall be Agreed upon for the perpetuall Continuation of a Peace


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