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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

Minutes of H. M. Council, 1720-1742. 73

     Whether if it had been in Your Power Would you not have given Advice to the Governor of any Treason or Attempt formed Against the Government

     When I heard of the Rumour of the Indians Designes on this place I hired two men for the Value of forty Livers to Oarry two Letters Directed to the Governour wherein what I knew of the Matter was Contained; But having Advice that all the People from Annapolis Royall were Stopt at the Grand Pre, I Recalled my Letters for fear of falling into their hands, and I afterwards gave ,them to M.r Blin, which I hope he Delivered; And I Declare That Whilest I am in the Territorys & under the Protection of the English Government, I think myself obliged in Conscience to give Notice of any ill Designe Against it, My Conscience being Dearer to me than any Worldly Intrest


     And he Likewise Informed the Governour and Council that it was publickly talked that when the Indians, at their Returne from Annapolis Royall to Mines, That Jacque Terriot one of the Inhabitants [99] Inhabitants at Minas, Went to Pere ffelix and told him that as his Soldiers were Come back from his Expedition, he Ought as being their General to provide for them & not Suffer them to Eat up the Inhabitants & the Said father ffelix Denieing that he had any hand in it the Said Jacque Terriot made Answer, that; That is not true, for I saw your Letter by Which you Sent for them, at S.t Johns River

     Then the Governor told him that he had Rec.d his Two Letters from M.r Bline & thanked him for his Care and Intelligence tho' it Came too Late & being Desired to Withdraw

     The Governour laid before the Board a Letter from Pere ffelix (as upon file) in Excuse for his not Obeying his Orders in Coming here he being about to Depart the Country &ca


That an Order be Sent to Mines to be there published at the Masshouse to Discharge the Said ffather ffeelix from ever at


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