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Registres du gouvernement britannique à Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749

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Same being Read he asked the Advice and Oppinion of the Board

     Agreed that they Should be Examined Seperately
Then [95]


     Then Alexander Girouar (alias) Drew, being Ordred to Appear, and being Examined upon his Voyage with the Priest to Mines and asked what he had heard there Concerning the Indians amongst the Inhabitants, what Discourse father Charlemagne had with him Concerning their Designe against this place; Whether he had heard of the Cause of their Coming and who they were that Seamed Chiefly to prompt and Encourage their Enrerprize, And Why he Did not at his Arrivall here Acquaint the Governour of the Same

     To which the Said Girouar (notwithstanding his Peti tion for Pardon) Answering with so mueh prevarication, he was put to the Guard

     Then James Michel was Called in & being Examined on the Same Subject; Said that Six Indians belonging to the Party, that afterwards Came here, were then at Mines, when he was there with father Charlemagne that it was publickly talked there that the Indians were at the Isle of Hault with Intention to make an Attempt on Canso or Annapolis Royall, That at his Arrivall here he allwaya thought the Priest would have Acquainted the Governour of the News that were going on that head, as being Master of the Voyage; And farther Said that being at Mines the Priest told them as well as Some of the Inhabitant of that place that their Brains Should be beat out, if any of them Should Speak of this at Annapolis Royall; That Upon that he did not; Still trusting that the Priest Would give Notice to the Governour to which He made Oath and to every Article in the Petition


     Then Joseph Brasar being likewise Examined and Asked why he did not Discover what was Contrived [96] Contrived & Designed at Minas against this place by the Indians Made Answer


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